Table Rock Deep Freeze Bass 1-26-14

Table Rock lake Current Bass Fishing Report 1-26-14 Bill Babler  White River Outfitters Branson Missouri Don Hensley 002   Yes the water is cold and no they are not just killing it right now, but they are ready to get going on late Winter presentations.  Due to the abnormal cold of this Winter, we are starting to see a pretty significant treadfin shad die off.   Lots of fish that were in the creek arms have moved to the main lake and off the bluffends and wind blown banks to feed on wondering and wind blown dead and dying shad. Table Rocks Surface Temps are running in the low 40's range and the fish though lethargic are there.  Most fish, especially the bigger LM seem to be suspended to on the bank from the 30' depth range in. Winter Series tournament anglers are catching these fish mainly on Alabama Rigs, either swimming the rig down to the fish or working it slowly along the windy banks.  If you see fish suspended you can approach these with a vertical presentation using either a grub, or a 1/2 to 3/8th. oz jigging spoon.  Or. you can back off and swim the A-Rig thru them. Another presentation this is just on the cusp of getting started and I believe this year will be fantastic is the Float-n-Fly.  As water levels continue to drop the lake now being at 914 it exposes the long points and  runnouts that early migratory bass use as hiways and makes them very available to this slow natural presentation. Give is a call for February or early March to plan a big fish trip,  there is never a better time to catch one here.  My two biggest fish on Table Rock have came during this time period.  Both well over 9 pounds. March 20th. is usually Spring Break time and then thru the Summer you are just gambling with your trip if you don't have us booked in advance.  Our repeat clients pretty much fill us up April thru July.  

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