1-30-19 Table Rock Lake Winter Fishing Report White River Outfitters

Branson, Mo. 1-30-19 Table Rock Lake Surface temps are running from 43 to 45 degree depending on lake arm. Dam area to Shell Knob main lake has the warmest water. Visibility is also very different from stained an off green in the river arms to clear on the main lake. Some deep fish are still being caught in the 30' to 60' range on the gravel main lake flats on either Ice minnows or 3/4 oz jigging spoons. Find shad and look for the fish relating to the shad schools. In the same locations at times early you can find some fish up in the water column and swimming a 3/8 oz 4" C-tail in smoke to these fish has been good. Up the river systems the ned has been probably the best bait, fishing it with a 3/16 head in pbj or gp on steeper chunk banks in depths of 18' to 30'. If a bit of wind is present they are just starting to get on either a McStick or a Megabass 110 plus 1 worked really slow on tree lined channel swings. We are going to have lots of sun this week and a big warm up that will also bring the fish up as the top warms. Look for the jerk bait and the Alabama Rig to start to come into play

Capt. Bill Babler with spotted bass on Table Rock Lake

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