Table Rock Lake March 1st. 2011 Current Fishing Report

Megabass Stickbait Fishing Table Rock Lake

Talble Rock Lake Float n Fly setup White River Outfitters

Stickbait Fishing on Table Rock Lake White River Outfitters

Table Rock Lake Largemouth Bass on Float n Fly

Table Rock Lake Spotted Bass Float n Fly Fishing

Float n Fly

White River Outfitters March 1st. Current Table Rock Lake Fishing Report

Huge differences in lake surface temps and techniques to catch bass lake wide. We have been expermenting with the float n fly tenique here for a month or so and are doing pretty well at it. Catching not a lot of fish, but very nice keeper size LM. This style of fishing was designed for clear, cold and still water, and that is what we have in most lake sections. River arms are slightly off color due to recent rains, but the main lake is crystal clear.
Suraface temps in the White River from Eagle Rock to the mouth of the Kings is running in the 43 to 45 degree area with pockets and creek arms warming to the high 40’s. Kings River is slightly off color and the surface temps are in the low to mid 50’s. Main Lake Shell Knob to the Dam, again is in the mid to upper 40’s with the James River off color an up to 55 degrees in the backs of the arms and pockets.
There is a huge thread fin die off occuring and the gulls are here by the thousands. We are trying to work areas away from the majority of the gulls and shad. Just to much activity and bait.
Kings River area is fishing good on Warts and stickbaits with some bright blue or chartruse. Table Rock Shad is excellent. Warts in any crawfish color are getting better if you have wind on southwest facing chunk rock banks.
Main lake is fishing excellent in the early mornings on Float N Fly using 15′ of 6 pound test fluracarbon to your 1/16 oz grey jig. Best to throw this rig on a 10′ plus rod if you have it. Fish are also being picked up in the deep trees on 1/2 oz jigging spoons and 3/8 oz salt and pepper grubs. Usually seeing these fish and dropping to them while fishing the Float n Fly.
When fishing the Float n Fly I am fishing the dropoffs on the Bluffends. I am fishing to staging fish that are from 30′ up in the water column. They will rise and gently take the jig. Th float will gently slide under, not a hard strike reguardless of the size of the fish. We have had 4 LM in the past several days in the 5 pound and up class on this tenique.
Stickbaits with any wind are also working on main lake White River arm. We are fishing these on 8 pound line and using a megabass Pro Blue or a McStick Blue Bandit. Isolated cedar trees, transition banks and bluffends are producing, but wind is a must.
As surface temps edge into the 50’s with the water level of Table Rock at 907, with lots of trees and chunk rock transition banks exposed it will turn on fire. Hope your here to help us catch-em

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