Table Rock Lake Bass Fishing

Largemouth Bass

Impounded in 1959 with miles of lake shore and acres upon acres of standing timber being flooded, Table Rock lake was immediately one of the nations greatest Largemouth Bass fishing destinations.

Largemouth Bass Photo Gallery

Largemouth Bass Photo Gallery

50 years later, there has been an evolution. Gone for the most part is the timber, but still around is a fantastic Largemouth Fishery. As this lake has matured it has redistributed the Largemouth. Once thought of as a shallow bank runner, the Rocks Largemouth are shad chasers. It is just as common to catch one on a spoon as a crank bait.

Table Rocks three river arms hold the majority of the Largemouth population. The James River, Long Creek Arm and the Kings River Arm.

There are still lots of 5 to 9 pound fish out there and a double digit is caught almost every year.

Primetime for Largemouth Fishing is always February thru May and the number 1 big fish bait at this time on the Rock is the suspending stick bait. Want to learn how to use it to catch these big beauties? We are here to show you.

Kentucky (Spotted) Bass

Want to catch the fish that makes the Rock famous? Available from deep to shallow, Table Rock lake features one of the top fisheries for Spotted Bass in the country.

Spotted / Kentucky Bass Photos

Spotted / Kentucky Bass Photos

January, February, March-On warm sunny days these “Green Bombshells,” will explode your suspended stick bait on transition banks. One of my favorite times to target the largest fish of the year.

April, May, June- Crank baits, split-shot rigs soft plastic jerk baits to top water, furious action on pre-spawn and post spawning K’s

June thru September Here is where we earn out keep. K’s are deep water schoolers. Learn to use your electronics and underwater sanctuaries harboring large schools can be found, hanging out at the thermacline.

Oct, Nov and Dec Jigs, Jigs, Jigs. High caloric craw-pappies are on the menu and nothing looks more like seafood than a jig.

Spotted Bass are the staple on the rock for the guides. We are experts at finding and putting folks of all ages on these wonderful fish. If you like live bait fishing, so do the Kantucks. If you like to spoon feed them or fish the jig or the rig, Table Rock is the place for this fantastic fish.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass Photos

Smallmouth Bass Photos

As early as the late 1970’s to catch a Smallmouth Bass on Table Rock lake was not only a feat, but down right unusual. “Katy Bar the Door.” Table Rock now features one of the best if not the best Smallmouth fishery from the Mason Dixon Line to the Bottom of the Great Lakes. Where once any Smallmouth bass would get ya a Wow! Where did you catch that? Now a 4 pound jaw, will not so much as generate a second glance, it has been a mighty big turnaround.

January to April massive Smallmouth bass can be taken on suspending stick baits and jigs. May, June and July centipede rigs, Ctail grubs and top water action is the ticket. September through December these seafood craving carnivores are after crayfish, and jig fishing is as good as it gets.

These fish are my passion come spend some time with us on the Rock targeting perhaps the best pound for pound fresh water fighter that is lurking in our pristine clear waters.

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